benefices de la danceNatya or dance like any other physical exercise provides necessary physical movements to each and every part of the body. The whole body is involved in dancing and the whole body system is put into action .The performances of Bharatanatyam involves the mental alertness and induces on the performer a mental happiness and preserves the physical beauty. The performance of Bharatanatyam involves the total development of the mind and body and thereby improves on the overall performance of the person. Since the performance involves the feet ,hand, face, eyes, the whole body, the impact on the total health of the performer is manifold as the whole body system gets the benefit of the performance.

Dancing is considered to be an ideal medicine for controlling Asthma, Diabetics, Rheumatism etc. It also maintains the level of Cholesterol, blood sugar and other important factors in the blood. In addition to provide intellectual and physical entertainment and fervour dancing also enhances the spiritual atmosphere of the human being. It has got the magical powers of warding off many severe illness, chronic ailments without severe medical treatment.

The continued performance and practice of Bharatanatyam brings a total mental and physical alertness to the artist.