Tatyana Popova comes from multicultural Almaty, the capital city of Kazakhstan , which lies in the heart of central Asia .

She was brought up in a family of three children, where the value of humanity was always put in the first place. This value is reflected in Tatyana’s personality and her choices in life.

She took her first steps towards her dancing career very early. Her inclination towards dancing was by then already exceptional – so much so, that she performed waltzes with the dance company “Emilia” at age six.

In her early teens she became an actor with the theatrical company “Experiment,” run by Olga Zinovieva, and performed for adults and children in Russia and Kazakhstan.
She also joined the dancing company show-ballet “Dilijance,” which specialised in ethnic and folk dance of central Asia and Eastern Europe , as a leading dancer.

Tatyana enrolled in the nationally important J.Elebekov Music and Dance Academy of Kazakhstan, where her professors included, in particular, Olga Adirhaeva (formerly of the renowned Vaganova Academy of Russian ballet, St . Petersburg ). The dedication of Olga Adirhaeva launched Tatyana into the dancing world with so strong a vision that she never looked back. Captured by the beauty and the power of the dancing aura, she juggled her studies, training and performances to build her artistic portfolio.
But life works in its mysterious ways! Little did Tatyana know that her passion would lead her to yet another dancing art, Bharatanatyam, the exotic and fascinating classical dance of South India . She began her studies of Bharatanatyam with Akmaral Kainazarova, who introduced this art form in Kazakhstan . Captivated, Tatyana was soon performing Indian classical and folk dance in concerts and festivals organized by the Indian Cultural Centre and Embassy of India in Kazakhstan , often in leading roles.

The international festival “Voice of Asia” marked the next stage of Tanya’s dancing path. She was awarded second place in the group performance and received a five-year scholarship from the Indian Council For Cultural Relations (ICCR) to study Bharatanatyam in its motherland at the Rukmini Devi Arundale College of Fine Arts “Kalakshetra,” Chennai , India.

The scholarship was fruitful for both body and soul. In India Tatyana savoured the philosophy and characteristics of the people and the land alike. She intertwined her past with what awaited her in India , to mould her personality. This helped her to better integrate her abilities into the discipline of Bharatanatyam.

While in India Tatyana gave dance performances in a variety of styles with Fahil Bekmulin. She assisted the local TV station Sun TV as a judge for new talent on its artistic programme “Tillana-Tillana,” and gave classes of Classical Ballet for extra-curricular programmes held in dance colleges as a guest instructor. All these activities served as a great opportunity to get in touch with the people of India .

Tatyana’s intense research in Bharatanatyam revealed its links with the Flamenco dance of southern Spain . This connection fascinated Tatyana and sprouted in her the longing for further research in the flamenco world, already familiar to her through the verses of Garcia Lorca that embrace the coast of Andalucia. So as she completed her studies at Kalakshetra, she felt ever more strongly the call of the Moorish shores which cradle the nomadic dance of the gypsies. It was the same call that took the Indian gypsies across the Asian and the European continent. She followed the steps of the dancer´s ancestors on the silk route, to the strumming of guitars and the jaleo that they brought with them, to Seville , Spain , and answered the call by enrolling at the school of Matilde Coral , to specialise in Baile Español and Flamenco, and by taking additional classes at the Manuel Betanzo Academy of Flamenco.

While in Spain , Tatyana’s reputation and unique experience in Bharatanatyam resulted in invitations to perform Indian Dance throughout Spain by the Municipality of Seville , the Embassy of India, and the Dance Company of Gloria Mandelik. She also danced the eponymous role in production of Sleeping Beauty with the theatrical company La Tarasca Sevilla and gave contemporary dance performances across Andalucia. In Seville she also created, choreographed and danced, with Belinda Kilpatrick, the spectacular Tan-bele group, the exotic production “Viaje del mundo entero” (Travel around the World).

In Tatyana’s performance, one can conceive the aesthetical beauty in the wide spectrum of dancing movement inspired by Ballet, Bharatanatyam, Flamenco, ethnic and folk dance. Movements that enshrine the elements of melody, rhythm and emotions – elements which Tatyana Papova transmits to her audience, so that through her medium one can sense and smell and share the bright moving rainbow of human diversity in the dance that she lived and is still living.